A college art student takes a job at "BurgerSnap" hoping to pay off their tuition, but when aliens invade on their first day, they must use their creativity to save humanity. "BurgerSnap: When Aliens Attack" is a sci-fi comedy that proves art school skills can come in handy in unexpected ways.

The Start

In a world where art degrees can't guarantee a job, a college art student takes a gig at "BurgerSnap," a fast-food joint, hoping to pay off their tuition. But on their first day, when a swarm of aliens descends on the planet, the student must muster all their creativity to save humanity from being served up as the next meal. Will they use their brush strokes to fend off the extraterrestrial threat, or will they be reduced to a mere greasy patty in the cosmic order of things? "BurgerSnap" is a quirky sci-fi comedy that proves art school can teach you more than just how to paint pretty pictures.

Welcome to BurgerSnap! Home of the Snap Ya Fingers chicken strip basket and the BurgerSnap Special double cheeseburger 🍔👌. Our out-of-this-world flavor is a hit with both earthlings and extraterrestrials 👽👍. Come for the food, stay for the company - you never know who might join us from the cosmos 🚀😂. #BurgerSnap #SnapYaFingers #AlienApproved


Teddy: Najee Brown

Amanda: Kristen McCabe

Asterik: Aaron Mi'kael Reaves

Linda: Natiesha Magoon

Quise: Jeremiah Gallien

Kiesha: Nicia Joy

Sam: Tyrell Shane

Fred: Nathan Christopher

Extras: Michael Rodgers / Heavan Sanae / Dontavius Carter / Michael / Matt and Family


Director: Shun Powell Jr

Producer: Elizabeth Hagens / Michael Sapieja

Director Of Photography: Jon Kline

Camera Operator: Andrea

Assistant Director: Rosella Joseph

Sound: Tristan White / Max Hauser / Ayjante Garry

Script Supervisor: Brandon Cole

Gaffer: Jerrold Goodman

Grip: Benjamin Michael Russano 

Special Effects Makeup: Anna Thaney / Shadeoffacefx

PA: Jacoby White

Art Director: Kelly Dunnigan

Production Company

Pixel Visionaries is based in Milwaukee,WI 

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Thank you for helping us bring this vision to life! 

Special Thanks To Caribbean Joe's

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