About Me

Shun Powell is a visionary filmmaker, photographer, and special effects makeup artist who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. He is the founder of ShunPFilms, a film production company that specializes in creating mind-bending sci-fi, spine-tingling horror, and laugh-out-loud comedy films.

Shun's passion for cinema started at an early age, with his fascination for sci-fi and horror films fueling his imagination. As he grew up, Shun's interest in filmmaking only intensified, leading him to pursue a degree in film, video, and animation from the prestigious University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

During his time in university, Shun honed his skills in filmmaking, photography, and special effects makeup, developing an eye for capturing cinematic moments in the most striking way. His training provided him with the knowledge and expertise needed to create films that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally captivating.

With ShunPFilms, Shun is now living his dream of creating his own worlds and bringing them to life on the big screen. His films are a testament to his dedication to storytelling, with each project showcasing his unique vision and artistic flair.

Whether it's the heart-pounding suspense of a horror film, the mind-bending twists of a sci-fi thriller, or the side-splitting humor of a comedy, Shun's films have something for everyone. With his boundless creativity and technical expertise, Shun Powell is a force to be reckoned with in the world of filmmaking, and his work is sure to leave a lasting impact on audiences for years to come.

Love for travel 

Shun Powell's love for travel is a major source of inspiration for his films, as he draws from the amazing adventures and experiences he has had around the world. By incorporating elements from different cultures and locations into his storytelling, Shun creates films that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, transporting audiences to other worlds and sparking their imaginations.

Photo: Screen Grab From Documentary In Puerto Rico

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